• Clos Montblanc – Brut Nature Reserva Gold -

    Pale yellow with golden hues, this cava offers fine and abundant bubbles. This is a well-balanced cava with good structure and a fresh, friendly and clean finish.

    75% Macabeu, 25% Parellada - Fresh, rich
  • Clos Montblanc – Cava – Brut Premium Silver - 5.00 / 32.50

    Pale yellow with green hues and fine bubbles. The varietal aromas are complemented by lactic notes and a delicate background of white fruits (apple, pear). On the palate this cava is friendly with a perfectly balanced acidity. The bubbles are well integrated, leaving a persistent and full finish.

    70% Macabeu, 30% Parellada - Fresh, fruity
  • Clos Montblanc – Brut Pink - 6.50/41.50

    Cherry blossom color, clean and bright with fine and abundant bubbles. Fresh aromas of strawberries coming from the varietal, which are also present on the harmonious palate.

    Trepat - Fresh, full bodied
  • P.X. reserva San Emilio Lustau - 5.75

    Besides the big Bodegas, the sherry region also knows the so-called Almacenistas, 'stockholders' of small ones quantities of special sherry. Emilio Lustau is from origin such a Almacenista. His sherries are perfect balance. The sherry is deep dark brown in color. He has a full, rich scent of plums, caramel and nuts. 


    Pedro Ximenez - Intense and sweet with freshness


catalan white wines
  • Clos Montblanc Castell – D.O. Catalunya - 3.80/21.50

    Pale yellow, clean and bright. In the nose hints of peach and pineapple can be found. The taste is fresh, with good acidity, intense fruit and strong finish.

    Macabeu, Chardonnay - Full bodied
  • Clos Montblanc Xipella – D.O. Conca de Barberà - 7.00/38.50

    Pale yellow with green reflections. Aromas of white fruit (pear, apple) with citrus notes. Bright acidity. On the palate it recalls the freshness of the fruit.

    Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeu, Parellada - Full bodied elegant
  • Clos Montblanc Únic – Chardonnay – D.O. Catalunya - 39.50

    Straw yellow with amber tones. Aroma of very high intensity and persistent notes of fruit and smoky notes. In the mouth it is round, broad, silky and elegant. 

    Chardonnay - Full bodied
  • Bàrbara Forés Blanc – Bàrbara Forés – D.O. Terra Alta - 36.50

    This wine was the first from the domain to the founder of the domain. After decades

    it's like a pole that the white Garnatxa and Viognier know a perfect marriage.

    Dry wine with a slightly spicy and floral character.

    Viognier, Garnatxa blanca - Full bodied
  • T-set Blanc – Bodegas De Muller – D.O. Tarragona - 4.50/24.75

    Silky soft wine with notes of green apple and pine nuts. In the vineyards is worked with

    the Trellis system. Maximum exposure of the leaves to the sun allowing an optimal ripening and

    taste is given to the grapes.

    Macabeo, Muscat de Alexandría - Fresh, full bodied
  • T-set Chardonnay – Bodegas De Muller D.O. Tarragona - 6.50/35.75 Chardonnay - Complex, elegant
  • Mas Rodó Montonega – D.O. Penedès - 39.50

    Brilliant and sharp appearance, pale yellow with green hue. Fresh aroma, intense and resh with white fruit touch. Vivid in mouth, fresh, balanced and fragrant with smouth and delicate retronasal.

    Fresh, fruity - Montonega
  • Mas Rodó Incògnit Blanco – D.O. Penedès - 37.50 Parellada, Moscatel, Macabeo - Fresh, fruity
  • Mas Rodó Riesling – D.O. Penedès - 45.50

    Some complexity on nose due to mouth fermentatio, delicately perfumed and expresif. Mouth passing intense silky and ellegant. Equilibrated and good acidity with large persistence

    Riesling - Pale golden, brightly and brilliant.
  • Mas Rodó Macabeu – D.O. Penedès - 45.50

    Straw color with golden hues. Aroma smoky elegant and fine, fine herbs and lees. In the mouth, round, elegant, with an excellent acidity, and persistent memories of ripe fruit.

    Macabeu - Round


spanish white wines
  • Pilas Bonas – Quixote – D.O.P. Pago Casa del Blanco - 36.50

    Very clean and vibrant yellow. Fresh aromas with great intensity, ripe white fruit (pear, pineapple) wrapped with tones of hay, figs and a smoky bouquet.

    Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay - Fres, elegant
  • Afortunado – Viñedos Singulares – D.O. Rueda - 5.00/27.50

    Very intense greenish yellow colour, clean and bright. Excellent intense aromas of fresh tropical fruit on a good grassy, floral background. A very fresh wine with a smooth, creamy passage across the palate. A notable presence of ripe fruit. Good acidity. The finish is long with slight reminiscences of a pleasant bitterness. A wine very much of its varietal.

    Verdejo - Elegant, full bodied
  • Mala Vida – Bodegas Arráez – D.O. Valencia - 5.50/30.25

    Since a few years there is a new wind in the winery.

    Without loss of tradition, this has ensured

    accessible wines. Bouquet of muscat and jasmine.

    Pleasant long finish with a fine balance and herbs.

    40%Moscatel, 40% Merseguera and 20% Verdil - Fresh, elegant
  • Vegamar Selección Sauvignon Blanc Bodegas Vegamar – Valencia - 5.00/27.50

    Fleshy, full and well structured. It has soft and round tannins, with a balanced acidity.

    Garnacha - Fresh, fruity


rosé wines
  • Clos Montblanc Castell – Rosé – D.O. Catalunya - 3.80/22.50

    Color currant. Fresh aromas of red fruits. The mouth is large, fresh and full of nuances of diversity of fruit and sweets. 

    Tempranillo, Merlot, Pinot Noir - Fruity, Juicy
  • Ochoa Làgrima rosé – Bodegas Ochoa – D.O. Navarra - 5.75/31.50

    Ochoa Lagrima Rosa (pink tear) is an spectacular rose Wine made by the traditional method of Sangrado and one of our customer’s favorites.  Made from garnacha, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon from our vineyard El Bosque in Traibuenas.

    The beautiful colour that represents comes from the short maceration of the skins of the grapes with the juice before fermentation.

    Fruity, full bodied - Garnacha, Cab.Sauvignon, Merlot


catalan red wines
  • Clos Montblanc Castell – D.O. Catalunya - 3.80/22.50

    Intense ruby red colour. Aromas of red fruits, raspberries and blackberries, and balsamic notes. The taste is sweet, elegant mix of fruit and toasted wood. 

    Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon - Full bodied
  • Clos Montblanc Xipella – D.O. Conca de Barberà - 38.50

    Intense Color. Potent aroma of ripe fruit, mineral notes with a touch of wood from the oak ageing. Round and voluminous on the palate with fine, well-integrated tannins. Long & persistent finish.

    Samsó (Cariñena), Syrah - full bodied
  • Clos Montblanc Únic – Pinot Noir – D.O. Conca de Barberà - 41.50

    Cherry colour, very bright. Aroma combining ageing and Pinot Noir variety. In the mouth has mineral notes, hints of plum jam and sweet tannins.

    100% Pinot noir - Full bodied
  • Clos Montblanc Únic – Trepat – D.O. Conca de Barberà - 38.50

    Bright and intense colour that reminiscent of the leaves of the prunus cerascifera (cherry tree). When the wine is swirled inside the glass, a brigth and vivid red can be seen. On the nose, some pleasantly spiced notes of black pepper with slight traces of aromatics herbs (thyme, rosemary, rock tea) can be observed. Balanced in the mouth, with good acidity. Although powerful, it is fresh and gives minerality. Long and balsamic aftertaste.

    Trepat - Elegant
  • Clos Montblanc Únic – Merlot – D.O. Conca de Barberà - 39.50

    Red purple. Aroma of ripe fruit and candied. The taste is creamy, warm and round

    100% Merlot - Strong
  • Clos Montblanc Únic – Syrah – D.O. Conca de Barberà -

    Intense cherry colour. Aroma that combines ageing with black and spicy fruit. In the mouth is fleshy and strong, with spicy and balsamic notes. Long and persistent.

    100% Syrah - Full bodied
  • Clos Montblanc Inici – Vino de la Tierra - 55.00

    Clean & bright with a dark purple color. Complex aroma (black fruits & spices), voluminous and round on the palate with good structure. Persistent finish.

    Garnatxa , Cabernet Sauvignon - Full bodied
  • Clos Montblanc Masia les Comes – D.O. Conca de Barberà - 42.50

    Reddish purple, clean and bright. Complex aroma (tobacco, black fruit, coffee, peat). 

    In the mouth it shows large, round and good structure. Long persistence.

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - Full bodied
  • Mas Rodó Merlot – D.O. Penedès - 43.50

    Structured and complex aromas of red fruit, licorice and undergrowth.

    Vibrant cherry color. 

    Merlot - Full bodied
  • El Veïnat – D.O. Montsant – Viñedos Singulares - 38.00

    The name Veïnat literally means 'neighborhood', because many people living on the vineyards help to create a fantastic wine. Nice balance between the powerful and the fruity of the wine. Pleasant drinker.

    - Full bodied
  • Les Pusses criança – Bodegas De Muller D.O.Q. Priorat - 41.50

    Intensely aromatic, bewitching and superb, it has a very attractive aroma transporting us to a wonderful world of sensations. A perfect equilibrated and complex nose where we can feel slight floral notes of violets enhanced with a strong fruity aroma, a mixture of blackberries and blackcurrant together with spicy touches of vanilla and coconut provided by the Hungarian oak.

    Garnacha, Merlot, Syrah - Full bodied
  • T-set Negre – Bodegas De Muller – D.O. Tarragona - 4.50/24.75

    Beautiful Bordeaux wine blend. Pomegranate colored wine with light smoke notes and herbs obtained by the wood aging of the wine. Full in the mouth with beautiful red fruit.


    Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot - Intense, complex


spanish red wines
  • Vivir sin Dormir – D.O. Jumilla – Bodegas Arráez - 28.50

    Vivir sin Dormir has an intense purple colour and aromas of very mature red and dark fruits. Black pepper and subtle roasted tones appear in the aftertaste. On the palate, it is an enveloping wine intensity, well-structured and persistent.


    Monastrell - Full bodied
  • Vegamar Selección Garnacha – Bodegas Vegamar – Valencia - 5.00/27.50

    Fleshy, full and well structured. It has soft and round tannins, with a balanced acidity

    Garnacha Tintorera - Elegant
  • Muro crianza – Miquel Angel – D.O.C. Rioja- Alavesa - 6.50/35.75

    The wines from the Rioja Alavesa are seen as the top from Rioja, just a bit more finesse and elegance. The grapes ripen with a thinner skin, making them beautiful fruit contain.

    Tempranillo - Full bodied
  • Viñas Jóvenes – D.O.C. Rioja – Miguel Merino - 45.50

    The winery Merino undisputedly belongs to the elite Bodegas in the Rioja. Merino's goal is to create small volumes of the best quality, this by just and only select the best grapes. Cherries, herbs and spices tobacco predominate in the smells.

    Tempranillo - Elegant
  • Trus Crianza – D.O. Ribera del Duero – Bodegas Trus - 48.50

    Deep red cherry color with notes of ripe plums, cinnamon and wood. Solid wine, produced organically. Spanish topper.

    Tinta Fina del Paìs - Intens


  • Clos Montblanc Verema Tardana (Late Harvest) – D.O. Catalunya - 7.75

    Aromas of dried figs, prunes and black fruit jam on the nose, with nutty notes on the palate. Well-rounded with good balance.



    Garnatxa (rood)
  • Ochoa Moscatel – D.O. Navarro - 6.75

    The name Ochoa has been known in the region since the 14th century in viticulture. Only the best grapes with it highest sugar content can be selected. Give these a nice intense balance between sweet and sour. Bouquet melon and citrus, with flavors of peach and flowers

    Moscatel (wit)